The BioPAD Story – E-zine Issue 6 – September 2014

On behalf of Western Development Commission (WDC), Action Renewables, Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), and the Environmental Research Institute (ERI), we are pleased to announce the release of the sixth BioPAD e-zine.

Issue 6 is the final instalment of the BioPAD E-zine series, and provides a summary of the key outputs and successful achievements of the project. Since the start of the project in November 2012 BioPAD has sought to provide sustainable enterprise opportunities for individuals, communities and municipalities in Northern Europe through the use of renewable energy.

By assisting the development of local bioenergy supply chains BioPAD has helped unlock the potential of natural resources to the benefit of local economies, whilst enhancing fuel security and reducing CO2 emissions. The project has involved the creation of the bioenergy supply chain tool, BISCUIT, the implementation of bioenergy study tours and dissemination events, and the development of bioenergy policies besides other activities.

To read more about how BioPAD achieved its goals please access the latest edition of the E-zine: BioPAD_EZINE_Issue 6


About biopadblog

Developing a local bioenergy market can provide significant opportunities for rural and remote areas, by improving security of energy supply, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions and stimulating the local economy by creating jobs and keeping payments for energy within the local community. A new project, BioPAD (Bioenergy Proliferation and Deployment), which targets the Northern Periphery of Europe, aims to ensure that bioenergy becomes more widely used and that awareness of the opportunities it provides are increased. The project will help the development of bioenergy and improve our understanding of the links between supply and demand by looking at supply chains for a variety of bioenergy fuels and different ways of converting these fuels into sustainable energy. Understanding the supply chains and the ways bioenergy moves from fuel source to energy provision will help the establishment of robust and efficient supply services which can match local demand. BioPAD is led by the Western Development Commission (Ireland) and is funded under the ERDF Interreg IVB Northern Periphery Programme (NPP)
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