BioPAD and REMOTE Final Conference is coming soon

BioPAD and REMOTE Final Conference will be held in Joensuu, city of Bioeconomy, next week (Thursday 11th of September). Registration will close on Friday and there are still some places left. The conference program can be found here:

Sustainable Energy Opportunities programme final

On behalf of organising committee, we welcome all of you to Joensuu, Finland. If you are interested in registering for the conference, please do it before the end of this week. The link to the registration:

Did you know about Finland: Finland is known as a land of forests and lakes. Last year (2013) the consumption of solid wood energy reached 18,7 Million solid cubic meter and the amount of forest energy (small-sized thinning wood, logging residues and stumps) were 8,7 Million solid cubic meter. Even the difficult weather conditions, the use of forest energy increased again to its new record.

Did you know about Joensuu: Joensuu is a city and municipality in North Karelia in the province of Eastern Finland. The population in Joensuu is around 80 000 and the economic region of Joensuu 115 000. Joensuu has impressive district heating networks which provide heat for more than 40 000 people. Nearly all of the heat is produced from renewable raw materials. Fortum installed the first industrial scale Bio-oil plant to Joensuu and it has been running from November 2013.



About biopadblog

Developing a local bioenergy market can provide significant opportunities for rural and remote areas, by improving security of energy supply, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions and stimulating the local economy by creating jobs and keeping payments for energy within the local community. A new project, BioPAD (Bioenergy Proliferation and Deployment), which targets the Northern Periphery of Europe, aims to ensure that bioenergy becomes more widely used and that awareness of the opportunities it provides are increased. The project will help the development of bioenergy and improve our understanding of the links between supply and demand by looking at supply chains for a variety of bioenergy fuels and different ways of converting these fuels into sustainable energy. Understanding the supply chains and the ways bioenergy moves from fuel source to energy provision will help the establishment of robust and efficient supply services which can match local demand. BioPAD is led by the Western Development Commission (Ireland) and is funded under the ERDF Interreg IVB Northern Periphery Programme (NPP)
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