Opportunity to participate in BioPAD Bioenergy Learning Event in Finland- February 2014

BioPAD (Bioenergy Proliferation and Deployment), a Northern Periphery Programme (EU Interreg) project is organising a tour and events in North Karelia in eastern Finland to promote the benefits and use of bioenergy  from  10th to 13th February 2014. 

The aim of the tour is to highlight the potential benefits of bioenergy, visit some innovative bioenergy facilities and gain an understanding of the supply chain for these facilities.  The region which the study tour will visit has a very high renewable energy target and bioenergy is a significant contributor to the energy balance.  The study tour will also include attendance at the launch of the BioPAD Bioenergy Supply Chain Tool (BISCUIT), and participants will attend presentations on the development of bioenergy in Finland, supply chain analysis and the wider BioPAD project.

BioPAD would like to invite applications to participate in the Finland BioPAD tour and events. Applicants should be stakeholders in the bioenergy sector, including bioenergy suppliers and those along the supply chain, bioenergy users and policy makers or those involved in the promotion of bioenergy development.

The tour is co-funded by the Western Development Commission through the BioPAD project and so participants must be from counties under the Northern Periphery Programme and the Western Region of Ireland (Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Mayo, Galway and Clare).  Alternatively applicants should be able to demonstrate that their learnings will benefit bioenergy development in these counties.

The visit will provide the opportunity to see small scale CHP in action, visit a modern advanced local fuel supply company, a fireplace manufacturer and also a pyrolysis factory which is producing bio-oil from woody biomass.

If you would like to participate in this BioPAD event please complete and return the short application form at the end of this document to helenmchenry@wdc.ie by 18.00 on 18th December 2013.


  • The BioPAD study tour will cover the cost of travel to Finland, overnight accommodation, meals and transport within Finland
  • Participants will have to pay the cost of travel to Dublin airport.
  • Participants must have their own travel Insurance.
  • Participants must be available to travel on the dates specified.

The BioPAD Learning Event Programme

(please note this is a draft programme is subject to change):

Monday 10th February

  • Arrival to Joensuu by flight at 17:25 or 19:15.
  • Bus to Nurmes 20.00, Accommodation in Numers in Sokos Hotel Bomba
  • Launch of  the BioPAD Bioenergy Supply Chain Tool –BISCUIT

Tuesday 11th February

Bioenergy  Tour

  • Kuittila Farm, Small-scale CHP –Kuittila Farm is above average size farm business where new combined heat and power unit has been producing electricity and heat for the farm since winter 2012. Kuittila Farm is one of the case studies in the BioPAD-project. (http://www.biopad.eu/kuittila-farmkuittila-power-ltd/)
  • Forest Fuel supply KME Ltd –KME ltd. Is one of the most advanced and development oriented wood fuel supply companies in Finland. Years of experience in contracting has formed professional crew to fulfill local needs for local fuels. (http://www.kmeoy.fi/ajankohtaista/ (in Finnish only).

Spa, Sauna and Ice swimming (17.30-19.00 )

Dinner and Feedback event (19.30 )

Wednesday 12th February

  • BioPAD Workshop: Biomass Supply

Bioenergy  Tour

  • Tulikivi Ltd- Tulikivi ltd. produces soap-stone fireplaces for all countries having fireplace tradition. Stop at Tulikivi includes video show and Studio visit as well as presentation about firelogs as local energy in Finland.  http://www.tulikivi.com/en
  • Fortum pyrolysis oil  –Fortum Pyrolysis oil plant is the biggest leap in bioenergy for whole Finland during last 10 years. Factory is producing bio-oil from woody biomass to substitute fossil oils in heat production. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wQCkNaXcnI

Dinner and Feedback event, Accommodation to Sokos Hotel Kimmel (18.30)

Thursday 13th February

Morning: Departure for guests to return to Dublin

To participate in the BioPAD event please complete the short application form below and return to Helen McHenry helenmchenry@wdc.ie  by 18.00 on Wednesday 18th December , 2013

BioPAD Application Form for study tour Finland February 2014


About biopadblog

Developing a local bioenergy market can provide significant opportunities for rural and remote areas, by improving security of energy supply, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions and stimulating the local economy by creating jobs and keeping payments for energy within the local community. A new project, BioPAD (Bioenergy Proliferation and Deployment), which targets the Northern Periphery of Europe, aims to ensure that bioenergy becomes more widely used and that awareness of the opportunities it provides are increased. The project will help the development of bioenergy and improve our understanding of the links between supply and demand by looking at supply chains for a variety of bioenergy fuels and different ways of converting these fuels into sustainable energy. Understanding the supply chains and the ways bioenergy moves from fuel source to energy provision will help the establishment of robust and efficient supply services which can match local demand. BioPAD is led by the Western Development Commission www.wdc.ie (Ireland) and is funded under the ERDF Interreg IVB Northern Periphery Programme (NPP) http://www.northernperiphery.eu
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